Travel Blog (Vegas Adventure Part 13)

I went to a Gelato Bar after my Korean meal, I figured what the hell, why not stop in.

It was a pretty average looking Gelato Bar. They said everything was made fresh each day, however, I highly doubt this fact as a reasonable business model. 

The prices were what you would get at cold stone or something. What I thought was interesting was the add ons, like boba and mango jellies on top. 

I paid $8.05 for my 2 scoops of strawberry and orange in a waffle cone. 

It was tasty, but to be honest, too much considering I just ate a full meal. I got down to the waffle cone part, but couldn’t finish it. 

The environment is decent and what you expect from a post-bar-hopping night. There was a fussball table and board games to play. As I was leaving, there was a group of 4 people dressed nicely. The two women in the group were excited and taste tested half the flavored. The two men paid. 

If that goes on all nights, that is a pretty good business at $8 a pop.