1992 Marvel Masterpieces vs The Movies (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my series of the 1992 Marvel Masterpieces card set, which I consider to be the greatest comic book card set in history. I told my personal story on the last blog and set off to see how well the 1992 set predicted the look of the films.


Loki has been in three movies so far. The look is pretty close, however the movie version is less maniacal looking. The horns are there (although it looks more like ram horns than the card version) but the little dongle on top of the helmet is missing. I am unsure what is going on with the hands on the card (is that yellow paint or some really thin gloves? For the most part, it was a decent effort.

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Bishop was one of my favorite characters of X-Men when I was eleven years old. He was this badass that traveled from the future to try and prevent the horror of mutant armageddon. In the movie version of the same story, they created this dude that couldn’t look more lame. It was almost as if Bryan Singer didn’t give a shit and just aid “hey, just give the guy a gun and a red cape.” The Bishop from the card would have been so much better. It hinted that he was a little bit flashy but ready to save the world.


Ultron appears in the second Avengers movie. It appears as though the fit was pretty close to the 1992 card. I think the movie version (although in a nonsensical plot) looks much cooler and believable than the silver-surferish look on the card. The movie version is more diabolical looking.

mm32.jpgScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.14.12 PM.png

Hulk looks like a solid match. The hair is a bit more crazy on the card, but the movie has a more recognizable look. The muscles are ripping and the facial anger is noticeable. Hulk has appeared in 4 movies so far, and each time looked like I imagined in 1992.

8d5ad7b7f8353787af0f843a7398a958.jpgScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.10.36 PM.png

Dr. Strange was a character I didn’t pay much attention to in 1992. All I could tell is that he looked into some orb. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with the character until the Dr.Strange trailer was released. It appears some effort was made to match the look. The movie version doesn’t quite have the gray hair and an over-the-top collar, but the goatee is in fact there.