Exploits of a Midnight Traveler (Part 33)

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.56.08 PM.pngI found myself walking past the voice of the unidentified female, and out the door.  “Oh you found the door, Good Caleb.”  Julie was back in my head somehow.  I had not felt her presence in some time, since we were electrocuted in fact. It made me intensely happy that she was back.

It wasn’t me smiling. It was the residual bio-nanites still in my system. Did they still have power? Once outside, I stood on the pavement, staring at the cold metal door. It did not open. No one followed me out. I had outlived my usefulness and they would be coming for me soon. Maybe.

Questions filled my mind, replacing the impotent rage that had propelled me outside.  Doctor Red said that our DNA, hers and mine, had been used to create the clones in their facility. She said killing them would be akin to killing our children. In the normal scheme of things, a child born naturally of two parents would be raised to adulthood over the course of 18 years, learning all both parents had to teach. How long did the clones have? Days? Weeks?

For the first time since Lila died, I felt free. The bio-nanites the Senator’s people wanted had been taken from me already, and I survived. Not-quite-Mercedes had taken me to this other underground lair where the clones were created, and I walked out, after learning a host of things that no rational human should know. I survived. Would they let me leave now? It was about time to find out.

There was a dark sedan just off to the side behind the facility. I walked over to the fenced in parking area and scaled the ten foot fence. Everything else I have been through this week has made scaling a fence facile in comparison. I jumped down once I got my left leg over the twisted links at the top, and bent my knees as I landed.

Giddy now, I chuckled, and looked up. The moon was full. Stifling an insane urge to howl, I reached over and grabbed the handle of the car on the driver’s side. It was unlocked. Of course it was, but that didn’t mean the keys would be there.

They weren’t. I used the lever on the driver’s side by the floor boards to open the trunk.  There were some tools in the trunk. A few hammers. Some screws. A blowtorch. Huh?  Before this weekend, the sight of the blowtorch would raise my eyebrows. Now, I didn’t think anything would shock me again. I was wrong.

“You thought you could just walk away from all this? Actually, yeah. I did walk away. I was still facing the trunk when I heard the voice, as well as the crunching of gravel on the ground.

People tend to make more noise when they’re trying to be quiet. There was an aerosol can of air in the trunk, next to the partially inflated spare in the center of the trunk.  That was going to do. Whipping around, I faced two of the same person.  The voice did not belong to either of them.


Exploits of a Midnight Traveler (Part 23)

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 6.25.41 PM.png

Across the threshold was a study in nightmares. Bodies lay strewn about, broken dolls left to lay where they had fallen.  Sightless eyes welcomed us to the chaos. The Caleb part of me felt horrified, and froze me where I stood. The L 157 part of me calmly stepped over the corpse of someone she knew and took stock of the situation. We crossed the room and checked for any sign of life. There was none.

Seven bodies. Neither the doctor nor Genevieve. A scrap of paper lay on the floor by an outstretched arm. I reached down to pick it up. It was crumpled and torn, possibly during the struggle that had taken place here prior to our arrival.  Basel. No address, no other words. I knew because L 157 knew that was a town in Switzerland on the border with Germany. Were we about to cross the border into Germany?

No sooner had these thoughts crossed my mind than L 157 or Julie, went about the room collecting weapons, silently regarded those slain with either a sigh or a grunt. Not all the bodies were ours. That came as a relief. It was possible either the doctor or Genevieve had survived and run to Basel. Or both. I pocketed the few weapons, and we turned to leave.

Outside, the eerie nothingness of silence gave way to slamming car doors and stampeding feet. I reached out and pushed on a section of wall nearest the mirror that hung on the far wall, causing it to swing outward. We stepped in and closed it with a soft click, just before the stampeding feet made it into the room we just left.

The bio nanites calmed me as I made my way through the darkened passage, unblinking as the shouts were accompanied at times with bullets firing into the plaster walls. Caleb would have snapped then, more than enough horror to experience in one night. But, I, strengthened now by three, took it as a given that the Senator and his men would never give up their quest to get what they came for. A few of the bullets passed close by me in the dark, and on I crept led by instinct not of my own, to the end of the passage, where we turned right and then climbed a ladder up.

There was a hatch above me in the dark. The Caleb part of me hesitated to reach up and grasp the mechanism needed to turn and unlock the door. I shook my head to rid myself of any lingering fear and reached up. The round lock was about the size of a standard steering wheel for a semi truck, and it was stuck tight. Located about two and a half feet above my head, I had to reach up and pull left with both arms while steadying myself on the ladder, perhaps fifteen or twenty feet above the floor in the darkened passage. New sounds made their way down the passageway as the men found the hidden door.