´╗┐Movie Reviews: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

This movie answers the age old question of what happens when a Magician headliner in Vegas loses it all, but is too aloof to really have a crisis of conscience. 

That man is Steve Carell, playing Michael Scott as if he found a new career. It is sort of daft humor, in the trope of being so clueless and desperate it is funny. Steve Martin and Chevy Chase did this trope in the 80s. 

Steve Buscemi plays his partner, but not as hammy as he could. Part of me thinks he was miscast. The part had to go to a lesser star than Steve Carell, but I think it could have gone to someone from TV with a serious typecast. You know, like Keifer Sutherland or Sean Bean. It certainly would have added something for the role.

Jim Carey steals the show in one of his better comedy roles of the last 20 years. I enjoyed the Chris Angel spoof, except for the little power drill nonsense that baffles me to why it was even needed.

The secret to the movie is the ensemble cast. Olivia Wilde is the heart of the film and works because of her. I’m not sure who else could have seriously played it serious in dreaming of being a magician and being interested in Steve Carell (the real magic trick in the film). 

Alan Arkin is funny as hell, although he kind of plays the same role he does in everything as the cranky old man. Seeing him under the bed makes me laugh. 

The movie works in a stupid pathetic way if that makes sense. It’s over the top ridiculousness but I laugh and smile and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I lived in Las Vegas for 4 years. Maybe it’s because the ending is so laughably bombastic that I applaud it.

Movie Rating: 7/10 Disappearing Acts