Movie Reviews: Hell or High Water


This movie was good in the boring Old-Cop chases young-robber sort of way. It harkened back to No Country for Old Men to me, except the anti-hero was actually likable here.

To me, I never understood why people resorted to a life of risky crime where you area asking to get hunted down by armed cops with a major ego trip. All the risk for a few thousand bucks, which could be made manning the counter of a convenience store or working at Taco Bell is a much more peaceful way to get by where the only people to rob you is the tax man.

This movie didn’t answer that question.

Instead, it is a well acted movie with an ending that leaves us a little unfilled. They try to tell us the “why” but never actually do outside of serving a plot line that was supposed to be a mystery of motive the entire film. I felt annoyed. Like what a bunch of dumb shits.

There was a little depth a moments in the film. To me, the Native American partner and the allegory of lands being conquered over and over was pretty deep … but then they pretty much shit on that irony by FORCING and ending.

Chris Pine is good. Better than as Jack Ryan.

Ben Foster pretty much plays Ben Foster.

Jeff Bridges kind of does a dumb accent like he did “The Seventh Son.” It was annoying and didn’t necessarily add authenticity.

It appears they spent a bunch of money on Ford F-150’s, and zero on a cinematographer. Shit, all the angles and close ups and lighting seemed off. It is so much cooler watching the shots from behind a shooter, if shots are being made. Better to see the car from overhead when in a chase and making a huge turn (not a close-up of the tire, steering wheel, outside landscape moving). This is basic storytelling. When it all looks fake as hell, nobody believes it.

If there is one lesson, tip your waitresses well.

Movie Rating: 8/10 Sniper Shots

Movie Reviews: The Last Boy Scout


The Last Boyscout directed by Tony Scott

This movie was a disappointment when it came out. People wanted Die Hard, but Shane Black’s script was more like Lethal Weapon. In a way, you would have almost thought Richard Donner directed the film the way it was shot and scored.

Even as a kid, I was disappointed with it. Bruce Willis played a stereotype of a detective. Boozy with personal problems of all orders. He basically acted like he just didn’t give a damn about anything. Life had already churned him inside and out.

Twenty years later, I understand. Some athletes sometimes have drug problems, even star quarterbacks. Cops have a shit ton of problems ranging the entire spectrum. Maybe people had it all wrong.

This was a case of art reflecting life.

Football is a business that doesn’t truly give a shit about the players. It takes a ton of legal action and scientific research to get the business to admit that it is a brutal sport that takes physical and long lasting tolls on human beings. It is big business not only because of fandom, tv marketing potential, but because of the gambling that goes alongside it. Just go to a sports book in Las Vegas and you can see why. Billions are wagered legally and illegally. And now, we even have the online “fantasy” versions with draft kings and yahoo getting in on the deal.

Twenty years ago, the sport seemed a little more pure. This was the era of Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, and Warren Moon. These were icons and role models unlike today, with Tom Brady and deflategate, Peyton Manning and steroid/stem cell accusations, and Big Ben and sexual assault allegations.

And then, Colin K and disgracing the national anthem and flag in a selfish act. Send me hate mail, I don’t care. Just because a few people agree with you doesn’t mean it is right. Instead of using a platform for good and work towards actually causing positive change in america, he speaks of obvious issues America has. Yes, there is freedom of speech, however, in the eyes of many he has zero class. Riddle me this, where was Colin K speaking of social injustice and donating money to charity when he had a platform as the Superbowl to talk? Why does he only have “courage” to speak when he is benched? Funny that a guy who’s trademark dance is kissing his bicep really stands for anything but himself.

Where are the boyscouts today? America sure needs them.

Back to the movie. It’s decent. Go check it out again.

Movie Reviews: 13 Hours

13 Hours directed by Michael Bay

Would you like a testosterone injection? 

I’ll do you one better. 

Watch this movie.

I used to be a fan of Michale Bay films as a teenager. Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, and all of the 360 camera moves they eyes can take. It was awesome.

Then there were the transformer movies and I became jaded. I knew he was talented to make all sorts of action movies, perhaps even picking up the mantle of McTiernan, but all that was spent on CGI popcorn flicks. 

I warmed up a little with Pain & Gain, which I thought was pretty damn funny and went back to his roots as a buddy action movie director. 

I watched 13 hours and I’m here to say something I would not have imagined 5 years ago.

Michael Bay is back.

13 hours is a stupendous action film that focuses less on the politics and the grey area of international intervention and the repurcussions of it. There is no message of “Join Now.” There is no jingoistic good vs evil.

Here, the Spartans aka contractors are the heroes of the film, something not recognized very much in military circles, especially after the Blackwater incident in Iraq gave the whole industry a black eye. 

Where is the line between uniformed combatants and personal security detail?  Where does their authority come from? Can they act with their own conscience with rebellious patriotism that bureaucrats and cautious military brass wouldn’t want to risk? 

The casting was pretty damn good. John Krasinski was someone I didn’t see as a star, but now I do (let’s just hope he stays away from Romantic comedies) The other 5 men in the fire team all did a fine job. They looked like men who lived a life of guns, beards, and creatine.

The movie had me focused until the very end. 

I don’t know what is a better film, this or Zero-Dark-Thirty

Movie Rating: 10/10 Fire Teams