Movie Reviews: Tombstone


Tombstone directed by George P. Cosmatos

What is the greatest western movie ever made? To me, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” is the ultimate western.  After that, “Once Upon a Time in the West” takes the second spot. This movie ranks third.

But don’t get me wrong, Tombstone is a masterpiece.

Think about it. The cast is absolutely awesome. This is some of the best work Kurt Russell has ever done. The movie has Val Kilmer in his best role of all time (screw Batman and Iceman, although he was pretty damn awesome in Willow and Heat). Michael Biehn is in it playing, well, the same role he always plays. Bill Paxton puts in a solid box office assist and added to his resume. Jason Priestly is randomly in it because I guess he was branching out from 90210 (good job with that). Sam Elliot adds gravitas to the cast. Billy “Where is my Wig” Zane plays an actor, before his days on the Titanic. Billy Bob Thornton has a cameo as a blowhard who gets pushed out of his territory (before Slingblade fame). Stephen Lang, one of the more underrated character actors out there plays Ike Clanton (you know him as the over-the-top military douche in Avatar). It even has Terry O’Quinn before he became John Locke. And to add a cherry on top, Charlton Heston is in the film. Wow.

The film is written, paced, acted, directed, and plotted well. Kevin Costner did a version around the same time and it is almost unwatchably-boring. This is a western that is really a bonafide action film. Watch the movie and tell me Val Kilmer is not unbelievably awesome in the film. The wonders he can do with the cup can diffuse any situation.Tombstone_Doc_Holliday_Whiskey_Cup_03.jpg

Just look at Kurt Russell. You know from one look that Hell is coming with him.


And look, it even has John Locke, er, I mean Terry O’Quinn. For some reason, in my mind I imagine this is where he truly went after turning the Donkey Wheel.


So why does the film hold sentimental value to me? Well, it’s because at one time, I used to live near Tombstone, Arizona. Yep. I’ve been to the O.K. Corral. I would ditch school sometimes and act like a tourist there. The place is a relic of the past, but at least if you go, you can say you saw where Wyatt Earp got them good.


The historical inaccuracies in this film is too many to write in the limited space Matt has given me. Let me begin with this, the fight wasn’t even at the O.K. Corral. It was six doors down he street. The fight itself was 30 seconds, which if you ever visited Tombstone, you could watch a real actor such as myself reenact this American legend two times a day. I’ve been asked seven times this year if my other name is Daniel Day Lewis. I have no idea what they are implying because my name is Tom and I love reenacting. Being born and raised in Tombstone, I know every square inch of the place and for a nominal fee, I can escort ladies and gents on a walking tour of the hallowed grounds where some say the screams whispers will touch your eardrums and make sweet western love to it. I’m Tom. Believe me. Come on. I have a big thick natural mustache and you can usually find me at the Burger King during my lunch hour drinking milkshakes and signing autographs of my book, “Tombstone Tom: A Memoir.” 

Back to the movie, it is a masterpiece.

Movie Rating: 10/10 Huckleberries