Game Reviews: Clash Royale

Clash Royale by Supercell As an avid player of Clash of Clans, I watched with anticipation when Clash Royale was released in beta test. Clan mates told me to download it on some other server, and I frantically tried for twenty minutes to switch and reboot on my iPhone but couldn’t find the game. Canada.Continue reading “Game Reviews: Clash Royale”

Game Reviews: Clash of Clans – Mobile

It all started on a trip with three work associates. We decided on a Friday morning to take a trip to New Orleans. Think of it. Bourbon Street. Bars. Gumbo. We acted like we were in college a decade ago and took a road trip. It was everything I thought it could be. Canal Street.SaintsContinue reading “Game Reviews: Clash of Clans – Mobile”