Clash Royale: Update Review


It’s been a while since my initial review of Clash Royale. Okay, so now I’m level 10. Supercell’s plan to dominate the late minutes of my day as well as every 3 minute break I get has worked. The higher you go, the harder it is to get 3 chests, and quite frankly, half the people are pretty darn good, so I lose a ton. On some days, it takes me 15 tries to get my 10 wins to get my chest.

Do the math.

I have become a slave to the game.

Not only that, but I have been duped buying all those awesome “deals” that come around for a limited time … every week.

100,000 gold pack? Sure, I’ll do that twice.

500 gems for a legendary card? Okay. Sure.

Oh wait, I just got my third lava hound and not the archer. Let’s keep spending 500 gems on every offer.

Don’t get me started on the new cards each week. I refuse to buy yet another card only to get an opponent using a level 4 version of it on me on launch day.

All for what? To get to legendary? (Already did that). To get to the highest in my clan? (I’d have to climb to nearly 4000). To spend the most (um, probably already did that).

So thank you supercell. You have roped me in once again, but thankfully, I’m now playing clash of clans only 2 minutes a day instead of 2 hours like I used to.

As for tips. I use two decks. One, I just put all the legendary cards in there and just spam to get my quick wins or quick losses. The other deck I use involve a golem, sparky, minions, and the defensive flame balls. It annoys the heck out of people. If you want beat me, just put everything on air and I won’t defend.

Do any of you have tips or tricks? Let me know. An alarmingly high number of my readers now come from India, so let me know what you all think too.

Game Reviews: Clash Royale


Clash Royale by Supercell

As an avid player of Clash of Clans, I watched with anticipation when Clash Royale was released in beta test. Clan mates told me to download it on some other server, and I frantically tried for twenty minutes to switch and reboot on my iPhone but couldn’t find the game. Canada. Sweden. Argentina. It didn’t matter. It was like a gamer mirage. I was forced to watch youtube videos which looked a little disappointing. But then I finally downloaded the game a couple weeks ago at the urging of another clash addict.

I now have a Clash Royale problem.

It is one thing to have an addiction to one game, but now with Clash Royale I find myself playing it at all hours of the day. When I wake up. When I eat lunch. When I watch TV. When I lay in bed. The game is deceiving in a way. It has four slots to fill with chests after a win. It keeps you checking to open chests that open after time expires (3 or 8 hours). What gamers don’t quite realize is as you level up, it becomes harder to win, and at the highest levels you will find yourself playing for thirty minutes to get your four wins. We are being programed in the Supercell way by giving us fast upgrades and easy battles and slowly turning the water on high.


The moment I realized I had a problem was this morning. Usually I shut off my alarm eight times on my phone before slowly reaching over and refreshing my Clash of Clans account like an addict. I don’t know how long I’ve been doing this, but it is habit like brushing my teeth.

This morning I refreshed my Clash Royale account first. Then fought four battles.

Hello. My name is MM Leonard. I am addicted to Clash Royale.

I am only a level 6 right now. I don’t really have any tips to give right now. I prefer using a card deck of the giant, goblin hut, the giant skeleton, the knight, the barbarians, the musketeer, and the balloon. Sometimes I do the inferno. Sometimes I do the skeleton hut. Sometimes I use a witch. I wait until he other players attacks first and do a counter move then drop a giant or knight on the opposite side. I don’t know if there is a name for this yet in Clash Royale lore. Call it counter punching. Barbs counters land units. Musketeer counters the dragon and minions. Arrows counter the skeleton mass. The witches are good behind a heavy unit.

Supercell was smart learning from their Boom Beach disaster. I thought the game sucked and I quit after a week. Based on the adoption level of my my Clash of Clan mates, they agreed it sucked and the majority of them quit. Supercell then went the Angry Birds route and used the proven characters that they have curated over the years. This is the heart and soul of their games. Much like Super Mario. It took them some time, but they had to level up someday too.


Game Reviews: Clash of Clans – Mobile

unnamed.pngIt all started on a trip with three work associates. We decided on a Friday morning to take a trip to New Orleans. Think of it.

Bourbon Street. Bars. Gumbo.

We acted like we were in college a decade ago and took a road trip. It was everything I thought it could be.

Canal Street.Saints Fans. Hand Grenades. The music acts.

Then, at 2 in the morning I decided to walk to Harrah’s and play a little poker. On TV, I saw a little commercial. It was a little game called “Clash of Clans,” which I eventually learned was the number one downloaded game in the world. Sitting at the poker table, I started my journey as a town hall 1.

Before I knew it, I was a town hall 2, then 3, then 4. I was kicked out of a dozen clans for redefining how bad of a “clasher” one could be. Then, as a town hall 6, the new coleader option was added to the game in an update, and slowly, I began to take control of the clan. I added rules and structure and a process to expand.

Then other coleaders convinced me to start my own clan. So I did. Two years later, it has been quite the addictive journey. The attraction of the game was clearly the social aspect. The game clearly copies many games before it by using upgrades and a micro purchase structure to get players to buy gems. Clan wars. Late night chats. Stories of divorces and bankruptcies and hook-ups and deceit and vocational decisions.

Now, about $800 in gems later, I’m what you call a seasoned player. I’m town hall 11 with everything but walls upgraded to max. My clan has expanded to feeder clans and even started playing Clash Royale together. Obsession doesn’t really define what the game did to my life, but one thing is clear, it helped inspire me to write my first book documenting the many themes I learned the last couple years with online gaming and the social culture that comes with it.

As for my clan, we reached the #15 ranked clan in the United States. If you read this and decide to download the game, just be warned, there is a hidden cost with the “free to play” game.

Game Review: 10/10