Exploits of a Midnight Traveler (Part 5)

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“Walk faster and do not look back,” said a soft voice behind me.

I turned my head just a little only to see a woman walking just one step behind me. Had I been less confused, grieved or burdened by any other of the million feelings fighting inside me, I would have seen she was an elegant, good-looking woman. But all I could focus on was her smile. Yes, she had fine lips and pearl teeth and all that but it was the cold amusement in that smile that made me turn away.

“Clean-up crew wants to make a mess, huh? Grab your stuff, go around back, be where you need to be. Don’t look back.”

I pushed the elevator door button and then I heard the commotion behind me. There was grunting and panting and some swearing. Still all my focus was on the elevator door as if all the world around me was of no importance. All my life hanged by that door and paid no heed to all that was going behind my back, acting like a rather sweaty ostrich. Finally, it opened with a whoosh.

Then I saw them.

There were at least 10 men inside the elevator. The woman leaped into the elevator with flying punches and kicks. It was so fast and quick, I could have sworn it was all choreographed. In less than fifteen seconds, most of them were lying on the floor. The one particular individual stood in a fighting stance against the woman … Miss Cold-Smile, with the black, soft tights the loose grey blouse and leather ballerinas. She could have been the girl next door if she didn’t have a man’s neck under her armpit. A tall guy in a blue suit slapped her but she just pressed the neck in a weird angle before letting the body drop. That was when the man she slapped had her full attention. One swift blow to his throat was enough to incapacitate him, giving her the opportunity to push her fingers straight in his eyes. The man yelled and took one step back. She twisted her body and grabbed a man coming at her from behind. The man was twice her size but she used his momentum to throw him over her head and onto two of her attackers. Another man stepped over the bodies and came at her with all his bulk. Her hands flew and she hit the man straight in the nose, making it bleed instantly. She grabbed the man by the arm, twisted it till there was a cracking sound and pushed him away. The man landed on the floor and he slipped over the marble floor of the elevator, half in half out.

As if by reflex I pressed the button and the door began closing until it reached the man’s body. With a ding it opened all the way back. The elevator was filled with motionless bodies. Outside the elevator were the men she vanquished from behind my back. She pulled  the unconscious man back through the door of the elevator and planted herself in the corner. Her face was stained with the blood of her enemies. Miss Cold-Smile looked and me for two seconds, likely noticing my frozen posture.

“Fly, you fool!”