1000 Word Book Review: Firetok by Gordon Wilson


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Firetok by Gordon Wilson

From the first few chapters, there a few key facts to pick up. The main character has some psychic abilities. Much of the first chapter covered the relationship of the main character and a little girl, with child abuse playing a major part in the story. I’m sure the entire story has nothing to do with it, but for me, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea to read that as the beginning. I would have preferred getting the psychic ability story out in the beginning some other way. Perhaps the girl at the beginning comes into play later on in the book. Based on the cover, I assumed Firetok was a dog of some kind, so I was a little confused why the story didn’t begin with the dog instead.

Does the first 1000 words show it as edited?

There story was edited. It flows well. There is a key point the author is trying to make in the first chapter and accomplishes what he sets out to do, I think.

Do I care about the characters after the first 1000 words?

I don’t necessarily care about the character through Chapter 3. It is hard to really relate to what he is going through, and to be frank, the actions of the kid is and administrators are baffling. There wasn’t a date I saw, but if happened in the last 40 years, the girl wouldn’t have gone back home with the mother.

Do I like the world building?

There wasn’t much of a setting covered in the first couple chapters. Most of it is character driven and covers the relationships in the story. I did like that the language in Chapter 2 seems more of a regional dialect and local, giving it some authenticity.

Overall Assessment: Would I continue reading past the 1000 words?

I personally wouldn’t, due to the subject in the first chapter. Child abuse and non-action because of it wouldn’t have made me read on. It reminded me a little bit of Forrest Gump in a way, but the that story was told, Forrest was likable far before the child abuse stuff.

Overall Story Opening Rating: 0.5/5.0 Happy Go-Lucky Red Pandas.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.49.20 PM.png (Nothing sadder than a half red panda)

One thing I would have liked seeing:

Make me like the main character early on. Maybe use a flashback to cover childhood trauma instead of leading off with it. Then I would have cared when reading it. Another way is to actually make the first chapter the last chapter. This would be a reveal similar to the end of “Once Upon a Time in the West.”

Q&A with Gordon Wilson

How long did the first draft take to write?  

My first draft took pretty close to 8 months to write. I was working on the road and could only work on it Saturdays.

Did you change the ending in the middle of writing?
I did not change the ending, it pretty well wrote itself and even now could not imagine a different outcome.
Did you submit traditionally?
I don’t think I ever sent out any query letters. I had no idea how to really write a book much less go down the agent road. My initial intention for Firetok was to introduce the characters of what I expected to be a several part story.
Where do you want to go with the series?
I don’t have a firm vision of that yet. A couple of the characters have a lot of growing to do and much more wrong to right. They like me are still learning how to use their power.
Favorite author who has influenced your writing?
Favorite author, I kind of hate to say it because I get compared to him frequently but I would have to say Stephen King followed closely by Mark Twain. Have they influenced my writing? I think they must have because I have read so much of their work. I really enjoyed how Twain could make a story seem kind of straightforward and believable without being overdone.