Works in Progress

I currently have nothing to sell. I’m just socializing this year. Look around. Let me know what you want me to write about. I can see statistics so my plan is to focus more on what people want to read about. If I get 100 likes on this page, I’ll post the first chapter of one of the works.

I have completed two novels.

“The Sci Fi Romance”

One is a Science Fiction adventure that is a cross between Game of Thrones and Dune. Complete at 93,ooo words.  The story has been edited down by 15,000 words to keep the pacing in the 2nd half.

“The Video Game Story”

The other is a video game adventure covering the culture regarding sports. It is a YA story at 114,000 words, and I have began the query process recently. The story was written relatively fast (1 month) as opposed to the 6 months it took for the world building of the Sci-Fi story.

I have completed one TV pilot.

“International Thief Story”

Called “No Returns Allowed.” I submitted it for the ATX Festival in partnership with the Blacklist We’ll see how it does. I have been blogging any updates. So far, it has been a waiting game.

I have also completed a couple short stories.

“Sci-Fi Heist Story”

Completed a 12,000 short story to send to the Writers of the Future contest. Sent it in for the 2nd Quarter 2016.

“The Sci-Fi Space Story”

Just completed a 12,000 short story and submitted it to Writers of the Future in the 3rd Quarter 2016.

Other stories

I have seven stories in draft (an outline and at least a few chapters). Two are sequels to the completed manuscripts. One is a screenplay I hope to finish in May 2016.

“Exploits of a Midnight Traveler”

This is a crowd sourced story I am leading as an experiment. I am have been forming many “twitter friendships” with other indie authors and together, we keep writing and adding parts to this group project with any possible future commercialization of it donated to charity.