Movie Reviews: The Last Kiss


The Last Kiss (L’ultimo Bacio) directed by Gabriele Muccino

This is a movie review of the real thing, not of that bullshit Zach Braff wannabe copycat/remake in 2006. It is about a coming of age crisis with a man faced with the prospect of fatherhood and settling down. It’s a movie most men can relate to in their mid life crisis years and reflect back on choices they made in their respective lives. I would like to think most accept the battle with time, however with the divorce rate in America, especially predominant with men with successful careers, I fully acknowledge men pursue the last kiss partly out of a quest for regain something lost.

This film explores this and more, and at the time, I watched it more with the “love the one you’re with” theme so didn’t get the main character at all. His decision making is flawed and he only gets himself in worse situations. Fifteen years later, I totally understand this is how “adults” act.

People are foolish.

People are rash.

People make mistakes.

The film reveals the consequences of his mistakes (and the film revealed the consequence of a poorly adapted copycat/remake).

Put on some reading glasses and get ready to read some subtitles; this film is worth it. If you want to watch it with your girlfriend of wife, just take some advice from me; just shake your head in disgust at this guy’s decision making and say only idiots would do that. Maybe as a result, you’ll get a last kiss yourself to end the night.

Movie Rating: 8/10 Kisses

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