Movie Reviews: A Hologram for the King


A Hologram for the King directed by Tom Tykwer

What do you get with Tom Hanks wants to go back to the well and recapture lost cinematic glory?

He finds a “fish out of water script” and uses his magic to get it greenlit.

Think about it.

Splash was literally a fish out of water story.

Joe vs the Volcano had him facing … a volcano.

He played a kid who grew overnight in Big and headed for NYC.

In Castaway, he talked to a volleyball on a deserted island.

In Larry Crowne, he was an downsized worker going back to college.

In The Terminal, he was a foreigner stuck in an airport for the entire damn movie.

You see, Tom Hanks believes in this trope. His career is built upon it. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to see him in the trailer for this film. An American businessman in Saudi Arabia? An eccentric taxi driver? Unknown foreign customs?

I wasn’t exactly there in the theater with a bucket full of popcorn, but I did catch this last weekend at the ol’ Redbox at the grocery store. For $1.50 I was able to see Tom Hanks in his full fish-out-of-water glory and he performed it exactly how I imagined it.

It was unremarkably boring.

If you don’t understand what that means, watch The Terminal, except on mute, and you’ll fully realize this terminology. The movie had a couple entertaining moments, but the message of business guilt and forbidden romance seemed a bit mixed to me.

Overall Rating: 4/10 underwater encounters




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