Movie Reviews: Burnt


Burnt directed by John Wells

From the director of August: Osage County and Company Men, John Wells goes back to the well telling well, the same story. Instead of a down and out white collar executive who is cast out, and a family with a bunch of cast out characters, we have a chef who is cast out.

But don’t worry, he is on the comeback trail.

We don’t even get to see him in his former glory and see him hit rock bottom. Nope, we skip the first two acts, and go straight to Act III. We are all about positivity and redemption. Of course, the story intertwines subplots from what would have been Act I type introductions with the former friend (Omar Sy) and rival chef (Matthew Rhys), but really, there is no real antagonist in the whole film. There really isn’t any problem other than a contrived love plot with Sienna Miller (At one point, on the girl’s Birthday, Bradley Cooper brings out the cake instead of the mother … WTF?)

Bradley Cooper is pretty unlikeable as the “Yoda” type Chef. He mistreats everyone. He is self-centered. All he cares about is his reputation. I’m not sure if there is anyone he treats well the entire movie without wanting something back in return. I sensed no romantic spark between the two leads. Emma Thompson was kind of wasted in a random cameo role as a shrink. Uma Thurman has like 3 seconds of screen time as a food critic.

I don’t know what else to say. The plot was bogus as hell. It was like they needed to contrive an obstacle, because the rival chef wasn’t really providing enough at stake for Bradley Cooper, so they decided to add … drug dealers? Yeah, I know. WTF were they thinking? Just like in Rounders where Matt Damon is playing against the clock with loan sharks, Bradley Cooper is playing against drug thugs. I’m not sure this really fits with the typical chef problem, but who knows, maybe when Iron Chef America: The Documentary comes out in 2025, we’ll discover Bobby Flay was high as hell as he flayed all that fish.

But don’t worry. Brad won’t solve any of his problems. He’ll leave that for other people, so that he doesn’t have to change at all the entire film, outside of not being an asshole one night long enough in finally decided to break some bread with his coworkers.


Do you know how you’ll look after watching this pile of shit? Just look at Bradley’s face in the poster. That is how you’ll look being cooped up watching this.

Movie Rating: 3/10 Michelin Stars


3 thoughts on “Movie Reviews: Burnt

    • Very true. I actually did like the cooking parts. But I liked the movie “Chef” as well. In the end, this movie simply didn’t have any heart. The MC just wasn’t likable to have us root for him, and he had very little character arc. The ending was the definition of a deus ex machina

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