Movie Reviews: Our Brand is Crisis


Our Brand is Crisis directed by David Gordon Green

Do you remember that conversation at the water cooler with your close friend where you talked about the most recent movie you saw and that how all the good parts were in the previews?

This was literally that movie.

Yes, there were only 2 solid minutes in the movie and the rest of it was such boring and bombastic drivel that I truly felt I wasted my time watching it. For a movie geek as myself, I can usually take a few things away, but this movie was utter garbage.

First, Sandra Bullock has “edge” by being the woman that screwed up a previous campaign but is recruited for a comeback in the same pretense as Suicide Squad. You know, if she screws up, she gets the blame, if she succeeds, then they benefit as well. The contract is to salvage an election for some corrupt South American country, with the shocking twist that the guy is still corrupt at the end of the film.

What was the point?

We get a bunch of scenes with Billy Bob Thornton hitting on Sandra Bullock. Both seem like shitty people.

There are some debates and some “history lessons” in politics that are so cliche that the movie is literally treating movie watchers like a bunch of idiots.

And there is so much smoking that this could have been sponsored by Philip Morris.

There are two funny parts in the film. One was in the bus, only because it resorted to some pretty 2nd grade humor. The other involved that poor goat.

What a waste. The actors have talent. The director and screenwriter has none.

Their brand is shit.



2 thoughts on “Movie Reviews: Our Brand is Crisis

  1. Haha…I wanted to see this movie (missed it in theaters), but I’ve heard mixed opinions on it. Thus, after reading your review of it….I might just wait for it to come to HBO or Starz or Showtime.


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