Movie Reviews: Spring Breakers


Spring Breakers directed by Harmony Korine

I didn’t expect to ever see this (once again, the previews didn’t do it justice). I think when this was released, it seemed like the movie gave a ton of hype to Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez. I’m not sure if this was to charm the pants off of tweens and college goers to check the movie out, maybe as a spring break anthem, or for some weird sex appeal. It was confusing marketing to say the least.

Watching this, I came to believe the director was trying to mix art and commercial entertainment in a bizarre way. There are a ton of spring break montages of naked beach partiers and excessive drinking. Personally, I was never cool enough to attend such an over-the-top beach party, so I couldn’t relate at all. For some, maybe this is what spring break was about to them. I did appreciate the slow shots, and the cross cutting of visual narration and dialogue.

The star of the film is obviously James Franco. Everyone watched it to see him play an over-the-top drug dealer, and that is what they got. There is some confusing hints to what is deeper inside, but the story focused back on the girls, notably Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens, who I think was the best of 4 main actresses. The weakest, was Selena Gomez, who really looked out of place. There really wasn’t much for her to do besides show up. Then Rachel Korine, who looked pretty old to be a spring breaker, had to play the vulnerable one. I don’t know if this is because she is married to the director and was the only one he trusted to do it, or if the part was written for her.

The director wrote the movie Kids, which covered New York City kids through a day, with one kid notably having a dark secret. It was an indie hit that put Larry Clark on the map. This movie, although confusing in parts, mostly in showing the true motivations of the characters, does have merit. The director could have gone totally comic/commercial the way many movies with characters of the college age do. Instead, he tried to make a darker rendition, in a ludicrous tale of escapism and I applaud him for it.

The highlight for me was James Franco singing Britney Spears on a white piano outside by his pool, intercut with a montage of an absurd heist.

Movie Rating: 7/10 Pink Ski Masks


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