2 thoughts on “KBC Word Count Race #1

  1. You remembered correctly, I did indeed gather my notes and research for the story first. It reduced the amount of stumbling – but I also asked my husband to help by keeping the kids from disturbing me, and he would grab the phone if it rang.
    I think, if you’re doing a dedicated writing session, it’s a good idea to make sure anything you need is within easy grabbing range, be it research pages or writing notes, character names, place information. Each time you have to stop and look something up, you lose time and flow, so if you have this to hand it makes things a lot easier.

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    • Good advice Terri. I found myself having to scroll up the page to remember who said what, in order to keep flow of language and dialogue to be consistent that I lost time simply typing. Plus, I didn’t have the scenes planned in advance. Next time I should write to a specific end goal for the chapter and not worry the sentence is poorly worded. Editing can fix that.


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