Exploits of a Midnight Traveler (Part 34)

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.54.22 PM.png“You know they won’t let you leave Caleb, you know too much.” I looked down at the blow torch and the aerosol can and sighed softly. In what seemed like hours but really was only moments, my mind flashed back to my earliest memory. Me and my mom and dad sitting by the ocean making a sand castle. I was twelve maybe thirteen years old. It’s bloody amazing how life can change in so few years.

I went from dying to seeing the woman I love die; Being held at gunpoint to being blown up in an elevator to more guns, running from Senators and Doctors and clones. I was literally living in a bad sci-fi movie, without the happy ending.

“Give it up Caleb, we’ve won. You can’t leave, can’t stay, certainly can’t fight being a weakling such as you.” I stared at the two men and sat carefully on the lip of the trunk, my hands resting on either side as I slowly slid them behind my back, carefully and gently searching for the aerosol can and the blow torch I saw earlier.

“You know what kills me? My best memory is me dreaming about taking my girl to Tiffany’s to buy a ring. Next thing I know she’s dead and I’m in some creepy scary weird clone war. I’m dirty, I’m sweaty I haven’t had a proper meal all week and all I really truly want is a burger, some fries, and to mourn the girl I loved. Instead I get you two bozo’s. So what is it going to take for me to get some peace and quiet?”

“At this point?” The voice inside my head spoke softly. “A shotgun blast to the head probably, but chances are they’d just fill you with more bots and bring you back” I decided not to sigh and roll my eyes. “Not Funny. Not even a little” I said silently to myself.

As I directed them to my face, tilting my head to the left and right, and as I spoke my fingers worked at the blow torch. I felt the heat singe my fingers but I kept my face neutral as I grabbed for the can … as they came closer these two behemoth men, I stayed perfectly calm sitting on the lip of the trunk waiting until they were in arms length before lifting both my arms and simultaneously spraying the two in the face with flame and aerosol.

I didn’t let up.

It wasn’t until I could see as them turn away from the spray of flame that I saw the damage. Their arms burned trying to block my attack. I decided to have some fun with it and began to wave the can up and down trying to cover as much as their bodies as I could.

When they fell to the ground I moved quickly grabbing the hammer and began smashing into the gas task as hard as I could until the gas began to leak out. I stepped back and watched as it turned into a puddle and when I was a good ten feet away threw the torch into the puddle of gas, watching as the liquid lit up. The two gorilla’s were still on the ground crying out in pain trying hard to put out the flame only making it worse as their burned faces and arms rubbed against the gravel ground.

Then, I ran.

Hearing the car explode I didn’t look back to see if they were dead or if anyone was following, I couldn’t…there wasn’t time. (EDITORS NOTE: REAL MEN DON’T LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS)

I ran towards lights, the first lights I could see;  Each intake of air burning my lungs, more from exhaustion over the last week than lack of ability to run. I was tired dammit. I was tired and I was sore and I was sad and angry and I just wanted a break. Why wouldn’t, couldn’t the universe just give me a damn break?! Haven’t I earned that?

What were they thinking, clones!?! Hadn’t anyone ever seen the damn Matrix? Messing with computers never works out especially when you mix humans and computers. Idiots. I mentally swore if ever I got out of this I was going to live on a farm, far far away.

There would be no technology allowed. No phones, no t.v.’s. Not even a god damned microwave. Everything would be solar powered and not any of it would contain a single wire. I wouldn’t even have lights in my house. I’d use gas lamps. If I got sick I’d rough it out and if I died, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about having more robots eating away at my brain even if they did save my life.

And while I’m at it, no more women. Ever. Yeah that’s it. All these thoughts ran through my head as I ran, keeping to the shadows until I found myself on a road leading to a church. I sighed in relief, I mean it’s … no not going there.

Not even for one second going to think there isn’t something to worry about here. That would be too easy, too easy to think I’d be safe in a church, no one is ever safe in a church.

I went to the bar instead. That’s what I needed, a big stiff drink.


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