Coincidental Circumstances (Part 2)

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The purple haired girl with the nose-ring furrowed her brow. “Um … what?” I could see in her face that guys like me normally didn’t ask her for gum. Their loss. Time was of the essence because writing can be a fickle thing. One moment the story is with you, and the next moment, the eureka moment disappears.

“Please, I’m a writer, and gum helps me think.”

“You’re a writer?” she asked. “What have you written?”

“Nothing you’ve read.” I was unpublished at the time, so of course she hadn’t read anything yet. Silly girl. This was the whole point of sitting in Starbucks. I had to sit amongst the people and seek inspiration.

“How many books have you sold?” She took a sip from her coffee and awaited my answer as if she was actually interested.

“Technically, I’m unpublished.”

“So … zero?”

I chewed my gum, now out of the delicious flavor I so enjoyed and just slowly nodded embarrassingly. I looked at her purple hair and noticed a bright red streak on her right bang and watched her eyes to see if she was kidding but I could see the disdain in her pupils. “How does the gum help you?” She obviously didn’t know a damn thing about writing.

“It just does.”

“Stellar reason.”

“Listen, it was just a question.”

“Do I look like a gum factory to you?”

“You looked like a girl who enjoys gum.”

“What does that mean?”

“Please … don’t act like that. Who doesn’t like gum?”

“I like a lot of things way more than gum,” she said. “For a writer, you have some really lame pick-up lines.”

I couldn’t believe this. Really? A guy can’t ask a girl for gum anymore? I rubbed my temples and stood up. “Let me check the counter.” My investigation lasted thirty-four seconds. I guess coffee and gum doesn’t mix. Maybe it was like Disneyland in not wanting gum to be placed under the tables and on the floor. I grabbed another coffee and returned to my writer’s corner and saw the purple haired girl with the nose-ring was gone, but on the keyboard of my macbook was a single piece of gum.

It was the last one in the pack.


13 thoughts on “Coincidental Circumstances (Part 2)

  1. This unexpectedly had me on the edge of my seat… For gum of all things!

    I get the same way though. My writer’s blocks are often cleared up through a good cigar or a puff from my pipe. But yes, nothing is worse than when that eureka moment is lost, which is probably why I find so many bits of my stories and blogs on random scraps of paper because my journals and laptop seem to hide from me when I get struck with ideas.


    • I start and stop so many stories and outlines that I don’t let any of it bug me. If people keep enjoying the gum story, I’ll keep expanding it, as it was just me writing something different for an “about me” page.

      I try to type little reminders on my phone when ideas come up and hopefully at a later date I can decipher them all.

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      • Yeah, I often forget how stuffed my phone is. Nowadays all the scraps of paper and phone notes are made up of quotes and lines for articles, since I mostly do journalism now.

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