THE FIVERR SCAM: (Scam Series Part 2)


How many of you have seen these promotions on twitter? How many of you have actually paid for such services? If you have, I apologize in advance because what you are about to see will make you feel like you got ripped off. If you are not familiar with the various site that spam the various twitter feeds, they are a company that represents itself as an “influencer.”

Their website says they can promote to 250,000 fans.IMG_8629.PNG

As you can see, they charge in increments of $5 to get you to pay for their “influence.” IMG_8630.PNG

They will tweet you 60 times for $10 amongst their accounts (probably using automated scheduling, which cost them $29 a month). I tested if I was totally enthusiastic about this “opportunity” how much I could spend …


Wow. Some poor sucker can pay $385 to boost their visibility on sister accounts such as the one below (for handcrafts).IMG_3209.png

Of course after my battle with some of the scammers I’ve been exposing recently, I have had some blowback with mass unfollowing of me for telling the truth. You know what, I don’t care. I believe that people don’t want to get scammed. Below is one of the larger affiliated “promotion” accounts. (Wow! 298K followers) Notice the is on each. IMG_6331.png

So what is the truth? It will simply shock you. Only 14% of the 106K account are real and active. 86% are either fake or inactive. this is a total misrepresentation. IMG_3267.jpeg

And look at the next one. Book Lovers has an astounding 43% fake followership followed by 10% as inactive. Out of 298K people, only 47% are “good” accounts. IMG_5579.jpeg

Check the #amwriting #writing #writer #books #amreading #author #books #ebooks and similar feeds and you will see a bunch of their posts sitting high up in the “Top Tweets” section. 

This is what we need to do:

1)Unfollow any account associated with fivrr twitter marketing.

2)Tell your friends these accounts are scamming people. If you see their posts, reply back that the post is a scam. 

3)If you have been scammed by them, demand a refund for a promotion that misrepresents their influence.

4)Share this with everyone you know trying to market something on twitter. 

I will continue to write the truth to what I see and receive the threats certain of the “high influencers” that dominate twitter writing, moving, and gaming feeds. I simply don’t care. 



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