Movie Reviews: Galaxy Quest


Galaxy Quest directed by Dean Parisot

As a huge Star Trek fan, if you ask me what my 6th favorite Trek film is, I’ll say Galaxy Quest (which isn’t too far from a poll at the official Star Trek convention that put it in 7th).  It is a straight up parody that captures the essence of sci-fi fandom and the actors that have to play up to it as their stars fade. Looking at the cast, it is a case of one of those perfect storms of casting. Tim Allen plays Capt Kirk Jason Nesmith aka Commander Taggart with an over the top ego and penchant for going shirtless. This is probably the only good film I’ve ever seen him in outside the Santa Claus films. Sigourney Weaver, someone familiar with sci-fi fandom herself, plays Gwen DeMarco who represented the T&A of the original series. Then we simply get a masterclass in overacting from the late Alan Rickman who steals the show as Alexander Dane with his reactions and frustration. The movie doesn’t quite work without him. Tony Shalhoub is also in the cast, before his fame as Monk. Sam Rockwell, before his series of many character roles (Moon is my favorite), plays the “guy who dies in one episode.”

The  movie half works because of the fans. Justin Long (before his apple guy commercials) plays the superfan with the smarts to save the day with his fanboy posse. Many of the fandom communities are built on the devotion and dedication of people to drive long distances and buy tons of merchandise and keep discussions going long after the series ends. As someone who has attended Star Trek Conventions, this is what I identified with. Instead of treating the fans as fools, it does the opposite and Galaxy Quest becomes more popular each year.

Respect the fans and they will respect you.

A recent search online reveals that there are talks of a sequel or some kind in a deal with Amazon. To me, I’m not sure if this should be done. The original stands the test of time. Imagine this, the casting was so spot on, even Rainn Wilson aka Dwight from “The Office” was cast in the film.


I think I’ve actually discussed nothing about the plot of the film, and by intention, I’ll end this review by discussing no plot points. If you enjoy sci-fi, watch it. If you enjoy a behind the scenes look at fandom, watch it. If you want to see Tim Allen take off his shirt, well, you are a total weirdo, but watch it.

Movie Rating: 9/10 Syndication Renewals


4 thoughts on “Movie Reviews: Galaxy Quest

  1. Love your commentary (as it’s not really a review) on Galaxy Quest, which is one of my favorite movies, too. As someone who also attended a Star Trek convention as a kid (now replaced by Cosplay/Horror/Super Hero movie conventions) and bonded with my dad while watching the reruns on TV, that movie appealed to my nostalgia for much a gentler time. When fandom was based upon the belief that a much better world was possible in the future (rather than promoting mindless blockbusters cranked out with endless fight scenes and special effects). Galaxy Quest perfectly captured the best elements (the heart and vision) of being a Star Trek fan!


    • Wow Carrie, that was good commentary yourself on the root of Galaxy Quests appeal to fandom. As with everything, I rarely do a typical review like most people. People can read what a movie is about on wikipedia. I try to write my reaction, or a interesting tidbit of what I remember about the film. I wish more movies had more heart and soul like what we find here. Maybe we should do a movie debate sometime …


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