Movie Reviews: The King of Kong


The King of Kong directed by Seth Gordon

For those of you that read my review of Pixels, the awful movie starring Adam Sandler, I bring you “The King of Kong,” which to me is an example of a good video game movie. The story centers around the competitive world of arcade record holders and the eccentric cast of characters that surround it. At the center is Billy Mitchell, a hot sauce guru and former record holder of the Donkey Kong point record (along with other classic games like Pac-man) who plays the most self centered video game villain ever.

The funny thing is this is not a movie. This is a documentary.

Steve Wiebe, a science teacher decides to to break Billy Mitchell’s world record of 874K and smashed it with a score of over  million. What ensues is the back and forth game of a man trying to get recognition in an entrenched culture that refuses to accept him. The trash talking and mind games of this eSport is worse than some physical sports to a degree. These rivalries and memories last decades and reputations can be ruined in an instant. (Just ask Roy Shildt)

My favorite part when I watched it (and I think many other people based on the memes) is when Brian Kuh, a man who moves near Funspot Arcade just to be near the center of the action, walks around informing patrons of the arcade that Steve is about to get to the famous “kill screen.”

As for the central rivalry, the ending was very on point in how records can change hands fast, especially once everyone discovers accolades and fame that come with it. Since the the movie, the record has been broken many times, but none with the pizazz and paranoia as what is covered in this documentary.


Let me point out that greatness doesn’t happen very often in the world. Innate greatness is gifted to a very few on Earth. Billy Mitchell is one of those fine men of high mental agility, physical reflexes, and eyes like a hawk. The documentary is the biggest fabrication of lies is the Zapruder film. Billy Mitchell is an arcade god. Your’re a damn fool if you think Steve Wiebe had a clean board. They cut like 30 minutes of the plot. They also cut out a very unbiased hot sauce taste test that was meticulously set up for the film crew. I’m not gonna say how I know, but sources closes to me say his boards were tampered. In fact, every machine he plays on are tampered with. The only true Donkey Kong machine resides where Billy Mitchell lives. 

Movie Rating 9.5/10 Donkey Kongs.

For those interested in the progress on the Donkey Kong record, below is accurate as of today, per Twin Galaxies.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 4.40.25 PM.png

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