Movie Reviews: Troll Hunter


Troll Hunter by Andrew Overdal

There have been many movies to use the “found footage” format. “The Blair Witch Project” and “Cloverfield” are two movies that most people point out that exploit this type of storytelling. To me, this Norwegian tale had a bit of authenticity to it, mostly due to an unfamiliar environment.

I enjoyed part of the movie, but hated part of it.

What I liked: I liked the initial reveal of the troll and the surprise anti-troll weapon. I liked the attention to detail with the characters having to drill and smash the calcified trolls into gravel. I liked the trailer of the hunter being so messy with troll tails lining the interior. I liked the little breakfast scene that is so odd and random that it actually adds to the human element of the film. I liked the scene where the cameraman finally gets his turn with the troll.

What I didn’t like: Much of the film is driving to and from locations, giving the audience a tour of the countryside. I think 20 minutes could have been edited out. Although the movie is constructed as found footage, it was cut a bit sporadically, many times doing 4-5 cuts in the same shot where nothing is happening. I also didn’t understand why the crew didn’t really fight more about having to go the final troll confrontation. Why not sit it out? Why not call someone? Why not call backup? They could have added a surprise of some sort, but instead, it ended the way the opening credits implied.

The ending with news conference was a bit non-sensical.


Matt seems to have quite the attitude when my country puts out a classic such as Troll Hunter. If America can have the Blair Witch Project and end with some guy in the corner of a room, then my country can have Troll Hunters causing some mayhem in the countryside. Let Troll Freedom ring! Matt, come to my country and I’ll show you where the Trolls live and can see for yourself the true nature of our problem.

Movie rating: 5/10 Trolls

2 thoughts on “Movie Reviews: Troll Hunter

  1. The breakfast scene was hilarious. Hans played it totally straight. I laughed hard at that.

    With an 82 minute run-time, it would be hard to make it shorter and still call it a movie. But I agree there were moments when nothing was happening.

    I wrote a short essay on Trollhunter called “Intolerant Trolls.” If you would like to read it, feel free to post a comment:

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