Book Review: Watchmen


Watchmen by Alan Moore

If you ask me what my favorite comic book is, I’ll answer with Watchmen. I didn’t read it when it came out, but like a total geek, I purchased all of the original comics on ebay after I read omnibus edition in 2008. For Christmas that year, I asked my girlfriend to buy me the absolute edition version of it (pictured above, except mine is still wrapped in plastic like a nerd).

The story was so imaginative and out of this world, that I read most of it in a couple days on a cruise. Stories within a story. The Comedian and unreliable narration and accusations. Dr.Manhattan and his blue _____. Night Owl and his physical issues. Ozy and his plot to save mankind. Rorschach and his morality. The past and present all coming together. And Nixen.

I don’t care what people say about literary fiction. Graphic novels when done well can tell a more complicated, enriching, and deeper tale than anything words can. By design, humans enjoy the visual medium. This is why as year go by, we gravitate to each new visual medium in droves. The Stage. TV. Motion Pictures. Comics. Sports. The Internet. Smartphones. 3D Movies and Oculus. We communicate faster and faster as our attention spans get shorter and shorter.

In a way, Watchmen is a story stuck in the 1980s, and in another way, tells a story reflective of the world today. Fear mongers will try to scare everyone and over react to tragic things around the world, which gets us to turn on each other when we should beĀ uniting for a common purpose.

Watchmen is the greatest short comic series of all time.


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