Exploits of a Midnight Traveler (Part 1)

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.41.13 PM.png

ZURICH, Switzerland (JUNE 4)

We had the greatest week of our lives as we were free to do whatever we pleased after graduation. Lila always dreamed of going to Switzerland and I followed her because she was my closest friend in the world. She studied European history and imagined a past life there. We saw all the sights. Lake Zurich. The churches. The museums. We spent two days in Konstanz and had our first kiss. I was smooth and leaned in as we watched the sunset over the lake. Lila had long brunette hair and tan skin. The trip was everything I ever wanted and imagined.

Everything changed when Lila said she was going to the lobby to meet an old friend who had driven a long way to see her. Not wanting to seem jealous, I said it was cool, but waited six minutes before sneaking out the room to see what she was up to. I took the stairs just in case she forgot something. Along the edge of the main corridor I walked. Only an older man with an oversized grey mustache and old blue suit noticed my stealth mode. I peeked around the corner to find Lila chatting with a guy I thought I recognized, but didn’t. I snooped from a distance and waited.

And waited.

They talked for an hour. At the end of the chat, they exchange handshakes and she returned to the room. I followed the man out as far as I could and saw him leave in a black Mercedes. This seemed highly unusual; I needed to ask Lila what was going on. I took my time returning to the room as I needed to gather my thoughts. Lila wasn’t a girl who liked being confronted. I swiped my keycard to the room and entered.

Lila was on the floor. Blood soaked into the carpet by her head. I leaned in next to her with trembling hands. “Lila … lila …” I shook her arm and turned her over.

She was dead.

I cursed and looked around the room for clues.

Then there was a knock at the door.



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