Book Reviews: Replay by Ken Grimwood



Replay by Ken Grimwood

If you ask me what the greatest time travel story of all time is I would say Army of Darkness, because in my opinion, that is how you tell a time travel story. But that was a movie. If you ask me the second greatest time travel movie, I would say Groundhog Day.

Boomsticks and Bill Murray aside, if you specifically asked me what the greatest time travel book I’ve ever read is, I would say Replay by Ken Grimwood. The story is about a 43 year old named Jeff Winston who goes back in time 25 years to replay his life over and over. Pretty awesome concept, right? Well, not if you do it over and over and keep watching everything you love and want to disappear. This becomes torture of the Quantum Leap spectrum.

About 90% of the book was a great read. The ending was a bit contrived and ambiguous but how else was he expected to stick the landing? Does he kill them all? Does he let them all live? Or does he do something in middle. What is a writer to do?

My favorite part of the book was the first iteration where  Jeff lets go and has fun in old Las Vegas.  It was almost like answering the big what if of his life. He got answers, but it didn’t fill his soul. This is what I like about the book. It wasn’t a clear answer of the best life is the life you live now. It is as random as life is.

Book rating: 9/10


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