Movie Reviews: Aloha


Aloha directed by Cameron Crowe

The poster says it all on why I even bothered watching the movie. Cameron Crowe directed Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous and has been living off of that for the rest of his life. Elizabethtown pretty much destroyed Orlando Bloom’s career as a romantic lead and put the nail in the coffin on Kirstin Dunst’s career. Tom Cruise is a big enough star to survive Vanilla Sky (a remake that shouldn’t have been remade) although there were some shaky couch-gate years after. Matt Damon had enough star power to survive buying a zoo.

The script does have its moments. Most notably, the unspoken bro code was endearing in a certain way. The rest of it was a bit contrived with borderline non-sensical moments. A part Hawaiian F-22 pilot who takes new guests to their hotel on a prop plane? Emma Stone is nice, but why not just write out the whole part-Hawaiian thing? It’s not as if it contributed to the plot in anyway. Bradley Cooper not knowing he has a long lost daughter? What kind of mother is Rachel McAdams? All of this, while Bill Murray is plotting to take over the world like a bond villain?

Cameron Crowe has a knack for people with a crisis of conscience. Bradley Cooper playing an ex-military, now government contractor who questions what is right and wrong is kind of like Jerry Maguire in a way. The problem is the movie is trying tell five or six different stories at once. Putting together two of the stories would have simplified it a little bit. Maybe if it was just Bradley Cooper on a layover to meet the ex and finding a resemblance with his daughter it would work better. Maybe it was Bradley Cooper uncovering a plot by an evil villain it would have been more clear it was a suspenseful movie. Or maybe if it was just him and Emma Stone meeting at a resort, and watching the romance bloom over an hour it could have worked.  Or maybe if it was a story about Hawaii and trying to get permission to use a piece of land.  I don’t know. The location is beautiful, so I can only imagine the possibilities of what a better script could have done that didn’t waste the talent of many people.


Too much has been written about the graceful and intelligent Emma Stone and her portrayal as a part Hawaiian woman flying F-22s for the Air Force. As a Hawaiian woman, I was extremely pleased with both the accurate look of her and her inner ability to channel the Hawaiian woman. When I first heard about the “wide net” casting call that Cameron Crowe did, I knew deep down he would nail it and stick the casting of this part. Once look at Emma Stone and I practically imagine her leading a “Luau” in honor of Hollywood. 

Movie Rating: 2/10 (Worse than Elizabethtown)

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