Movie Reviews: Interstellar


Talk about a great director with a big idea that falls flat, so much so, you kind of want to go back in time to only imagine the movie playing out in your head after getting excited watching the preview. You know the feeling. Everyone does. The preview gets you in the movie with a big tub of popcorn and leaves you confused and in a butter-coma.

The movie breaks Christopher Nolan’s streak of making good movies starting with the letter “I” and to me, I give me him a pass on it for trying something out of this world. The story about a doomed planet and a hero out to save it isn’t exactly new. Practically half of the Sci-Fi written in the last sixty years have some sort of “dying earth” story (I stayed at a Holiday Inn express last night, so my statistics might be slightly off).

The movie starts off as a doomsday story, then it goes all Armageddon via wormhole on us, followed by meeting Matt Damon aka “The Martian” who then goes all crazy on everyone (aka going “Full Lucas” on this blog), then out of nowhere it tries to top the ending of 2001 Space Odyssey by doing some sort of M.Night Shamalamadingdong on us with some paranormal time eighty-fifth dimension on us.  In the end, Matt “Mcconaissance” McConaughey meets his daughter who has aged, who tells him to go see Mrs.Princess Bride on the far off distant planet. To me, I think the movie should have started there after a 10 minute flashback/prologue, then we could have seen how the civilization grew. It was almost like one decent nugget in our minds to imagine as if it was a … preview … oh, I see what happened, Christopher Nolan you sly dog. You just made the greatest and longest preview for $165 million.

Will McConaughey teach the new civilization how to snorkel? Will he hook up with the Princess Bride of new planet? Will there be a failure to launch? Would Woody Harrelson consider joining the cast of a sequel so they can have detective stories on the new planet?

Movie Rating: 6/10 stars

Movie as an over budget Preview Rating: 10/10 stars


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