“The Lens” is a 1984-page thriller printed in 1984 some have called the most peculiar and unreadable novel ever written. A Chinese printing press fire engulfed the entire first print run, causing a 12 month publication delay and “tough editorial decisions” with a trimmed down 999 page version the typesetter called “Dragon Turd Bedtime Story.” Around the world, “Lens truthers” have been clamoring for the conclusion of the story, despite rumors M.M. Leonard has his own plan to turn over in his grave, when his son hires a ghostwriter to pick up where the story ends, and then milk the franchise for the 20 years that follows. In anticipation, his mysterious literary agent, the renewed H.B Gobsmacker, moved his esteemed agency to the Island of Tonga, a place for some reason or another is the center of the “Lens truther” universe, and began writing his magnum opus, “The Lens and Me: How H.B. Gobsmacker Stopped Complaining and Started Winning.”

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